Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning: Getting Flawless Components

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Combining Blacksmithing with Sagecrafting is one of the best ways to get powerful gear in the game. The crafty (see what I did there?) folks from the official forums found a way to get flawless components. The process is a little convoluted but definitely worth it.

First, you need to find out what’s possible to make:


Flawless Magnifying Rivets (+7% Chance to Critical Hit)
Gem of Precision inside a shield. (also worked with gloves)

Flawless Amplified Bindings (+15% Critical Hit Damage With Physical) Gem of Amplitude with a longbow

Flawless Damaging Hilt (+30 Physical Damage)
Galvanizing Gem inside crafted daggers

Flawless Bloodseeker’s Fulcrum (15% Chance to Steal 25 Health per Hit)
Faeblade with a Gem of Bloodletting

Flawless Piercing’s Fulcrum/Hilt (+25 Piercing Damage)
LongBow/Dagger with Saboteur’s Gem

Flawless Elemental Hilt/Shaft (Fire, Frost, Shock or Poison damage)
Gem of Incineration, Winter, Tempest, Rot inside sword/hammer


Flawless Divine Bindings (+20% Mana)
Robes and an Oracle’s Gem

Flawless Strengthening Bindings (+20% Health)
Chestpiece with Hero’s gem (+20% health)

Flawless Sustaining Grip/Bindings (+2 Health Regeneration)
Chestpiece/Glove with Regenerating Gem

Flawless Strengthening Rivets (+20% health)
Chestpiece with Hero’s Gem

Flawless Sustaining Rivets (+2 Health Regen)
Chestpiece with Regenerating Gem

Greater Armored String (+20% armor)
Chestpiece with Paramount Gem

Flawless Restoring Grip (+2 Mana Regeneration)
Shield and Rejuvenating Gem

Flawless Rigid Lining/Trim (+35 Armor)
Gem of Impregnability (Armor Gem, Physical + Poison) + Mage Chestpiece

Flawless Displacing Trim (+15% Physical Resistance )
Gem of Tempering inside of a Rogue Cap

Next, you need to know what parts are required to make what you want. Let’s say it’s a greatsword. Aside from the core component, which you can get by salvaging a greatsword, you’ll need a Hilt, Grip and Bindings.

The Weapons table shows three Hilts:

  • Flawless Damaging Hilt (+30 Physical Damage)
  • Flawless Piercing’s Fulcrum/Hilt (+25 Piercing Damage)
  • Flawless Elemental Hilt/Shaft (Fire, Frost, Shock or Poison damage)

Let’s say you want a Flawless Damaging Hilt. To get it, you’ll need the following:

  • Small Blades x1
  • Hilt x1
  • Pristine Physical Shard x2

Note that at this stage of the process component level does not matter. You can use the crappiest Small Blade and Hilt you have and you’ll get the same results.

Next, on to crafting:

  • Combine the 2 shards to make a Galvanizing Gem.
  • Combine Small Blades, Hilt and Galvanizing Gem to make the daggers.
  • Save your game.
  • Salvage the newly-crafted daggers and hope you get a Flawless Damaging Hilt. If you don’t, reload then try again.
  • Optional step: Consult the charts above if you want other flawless components (such as Grips and Bindings).
  • Craft the gem you want for your greatsword.
  • Combine the parts with the best core component for your level.
  • Congratulations! You now have a weapon good enough to last till the next component level.

Questions? Drop a comment.

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