Mass Effect Andromeda: A Ryder Ring Build

Mass Effect Andromeda: A Ryder Ring Build

Posted by on Jul 31, 2017 in featured, Guides, PC, PS4 |

This build for Mass Effect Andromeda focuses on creating an infinite offensive loop around your powers and weapons. By combining skills and mods, it’s possible to make Ryder self-sufficient, removing the need to resupply on ammo and health. I’m calling it a Ryder Ring. And yes, this build works on Insanity difficulty.

Powers, Skills and Augmentations

Lance: Damage & Force, Anti-Shield, Shield-PoweredAllows Lance to be spammed as long as shields are available. Hold off on the last upgrade until shield regen is at a decent level.
Energy Drain: Recharge Speed, Extended Drain, DamageYour go-to power for taking shields down. Also restores your shields, making this better than Overload for this build.
Barrier: Unyielding Barrier, Biotic Alacrity, Active BarrierMore shields.
Incinerate: Radius, Anti-Armor, Double IncinerateYour anti-armor power. Also works wonders on unprotected foes.
Offensive Biotics: Amplitude, Detonation, Biotic ExpertBoosts the raw and combo damage done by Lance.
Team Support: Support, Team Recovery, Life SupportHeals you when you use tech powers. The heal works even when you don’t hit anything.
Weapon: Dhan Shotgun with Bio-Converter and Seeking Plasma augmentationsReloading draws from your health instead of your ammo stock, which you heal by using your tech powers.
The seeking plasma aug turns the shotgun into a pseudo-rocket launcher.
Note: Using a Shield Oscillator mod on your weapon will restore shields per reload but will not provide infinite ammo. No infinite ammo, no Ryder Ring.
Armor: Remnant or Pathfinder Chest with Shield Oscillator augmentationRemnant boosts health and shield regen while Pathfinder boosts power restoration and defense. Choice is up to you.
Shield Oscillator aug restores shields per kill.



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