On Clearing Karazhan

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Our guild finally cleared Karazhan last weekend. I know that it’s probably laughable at this point considering how long WoW has been around, but you have to understand that we’re a small guild composed of real-life friends, so getting people to raid 10-man dungeons is a challenge in itself. Getting all ten to be geared enough to handle Kara is a different task altogether, but you can probably visualize the difficulties from there.

Anyway, thanks to the nerfs by patch 3.0.2, we finally cleared it. I’m actually looking forward to progression at this point. The expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, is less than a month away. It would be nice if we could somehow clear Zul’Aman before that.

Which brings me to the next issue: loot distribution. We saw two examples of how loot can become an issue during our Kara run, so I need to find a way to prevent it from escalating. Right now, I’m looking at various DKP systems, so I hope I’ll be able to find one that suits all of us. Again, we’re all friends, so it shouldn’t be too hard to convince everyone to use shift loot distribution, but maybe I’m being naive.

I am also the guild master of a group of friends in World of Warcraft, a position that I love and have grown to occasionally dislike at the same time. How I became the GM is sort of a coincidence. Back when we were new to the game, I was the only one who studied the guild creation process. When we executed it, I became the guild master. Since then, no one has protested.

It’s a position that I have carried for two years. I’m only writing about it now because it never bothered me before until recently. It was only during the last couple of months when I felt the responsibility, pressure and burden of—well, leadership. I know it’s only a game, but when you’ve got ten or so people relying on you for progression, activities and events, it’s not as easy to dismiss. Thankfully, WoW has more than enough content for everyone and the Kara raid, something we’ve been organizing for the past two weeks, has given me a personal boost. I’m glad we cleared it. It’s certainly an uplifting way to end an otherwise stressful week.

So there you have it. My first WoW-related post. Hopefully the loot system will push through this week. I just hope my guildmates respond well.

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World of Warcraft Guides: What To Expect

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Before I begin, let me make it clear that the advertising you see on this site is done by Google AdSense. I have no control over them. This means that if you’re looking at an ad for WoW, I did not put it there.

Second, this isn’t a review of the guides themselves. I’ve only used two, one for each faction, so I can’t give a comparison about which is more effective. The purpose of this article is to inform you of what to expect in case you’re thinking of purchasing a copy. With that said, here’s a list of what you’ll usually get.

1. Promise of leveling from 1-70 in X days.

The number of days specified here is equal to what’s displayed when you type the in-game command “/played”. This means that if you played an hour per day for five days, you’ll get 5 hours as a response from the /played command. Obviously, playing only that much won’t get you to level 70.

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